The chemistry expertise of JRF Global is spread across three continents, providing a collective experience in excess of a thousand man years. The studies are offered in full compliance with global guidelines, viz. EEC, OECD, OPPTS, SANCO and others.

The global facilities are well equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation providing sensitive and low level detection/quantitation capabilities. The equipment includes several LC-MS/MS, GC-MS, HPLC and GC instruments having diversified detectors. The spectrometry instruments including FTIR, UV-Visible and ICP-OES, facilitate product characterization. Other specialized equipment such as DSC and TGA instruments (thermal analysis) and Sirius T3 (dissociation constant) complete the comprehensive range. JRF Global employs exceptionally qualified and trained experts enabling to offer wide-ranging packages of studies to fulfill regulatory requirements.

JRF America, GC Laboratories and JRF India have expertise for the analysis of residues of parent compounds as well as their metabolites/degradants in raw agricultural commodities and environmental matrices. These capabilities also enable JRF Global to offer studies on the persistence of residues in soil, water, crops and food commodities and operator, bystander and worker exposure.


  • Product Chemistry
  • 5-Batch Analysis and Impurity Profiling
  • Storage Stability
  • Analytical Chemistry (Method Development and Validation)
  • Residue Chemistry
  • Bio-Analytical Chemistry