DUNS Number - 67-716-4521  |  NCAGE CODE – SDEFO

Vision, Mission & Values

  • Vision Statement

    “To promote health and environmental safety, while at all times adhering to the core values of reliability, innovation and integrity”

  • Core Values

    Integrity & Honesty, Accountability & Responsibility

  • Core Purpose

    WHY? - Outstanding science!
    HOW? - Through application of Quality Science & Integrity in Research
    WHAT? - Company Success, Team Success & Happiness

  • Quality Statement

    “To continuously strive for excellence with zero defect”

  • Code of Conduct

    I will...
    • Participate  in collegial co-operation
    • Ensure a safe environment for myself & my colleagues
    • Conduct myself in a professional manner
    • Put forth my best effort
    • Promote prosperity of my colleagues & my company
    • Continue to learn