DUNS Number - 67-716-4521  |  NCAGE CODE – 2444Y  |  FDA - FEI – 3014694901

Data Analysis & IT (Information Technology)

JRF Global boasts of a robust IT and Biostatistics & Systems Information (BSSI) department, which works in perfect sync with our scientific team.


The JRF’s IT and BSSI department consists of experts belonging to the fields of Information technology, software programming, hardware and system maintenance, firewall and web management specialists. The department supports our global facilities on 24X7 basis; integrates and maintains the servers at various places.

Additionally, the IT and BSSI department consists of highly trained statisticians. These professionals use state-of-the-art statistical software packages for analysing the data generated, as a part of the test and study, for regulatory purposes. The department also publishes excerpt, and is also in charge of publishing final reports, posters, and other scientific publications.

At a glance, the functions of the department are:

1. Statistical Data Processing of tests 
2. Development &/or validation of software programs in use at JRF facilities.
3. Mail and File server management.
4. Archiving of e-data and back-up.
5. Maintenance of all work stations / Laptops / Pads and Blackberry devices.
6. Electronic report preparations and FTP / Webspace management.
7. Global System maintenance and back-up.
8. WinNonLin and Rolee software analysis.
9. SOP maintenance and updates.
10. JRF-online information management on internet and intranet site as well as updates.
11. Designing and Publishing.