DUNS Number - 67-716-4521  |  NCAGE CODE – 2444Y  |  FDA - FEI – 3014694901

Quality Assurance

JRF Global has a top-notch International Quality Assurance Unit that ensures GLP compliance across all business units.

Services that meet international quality standards are the hallmark of JRF Global. The Global Quality Assurance Unit affirms the strict adherence to and compliance with GLP in all global units. They ensure generation of appropriate SOPs, defining and monitoring audit observations, daily update to the management. They are responsible for Master Schedule Index, Audit Master and track the TICO and Archive matters.

The teams cross audit each other for facilities, systems and processes. Study audit reviews the study protocols, audits live phases, raw data, draft and final reports. System audit includes the facility audits and document control. Each scientist at JRF is trained & regularly monitored for keeping abreast of GLP compliance.


JRF Global has a global ratio of one QA auditor for every six study directors.


Quality systems


  • Internal quality & systems audit of TICO, archives, vivaria, research facilities and utilities
  • Monitoring of on-time maintenance, calibration, & validation of instruments.
  • Revision of SOPs/document control


  • Review of study protocols
  • Process based audits
  • Audit of live studies at various phases
  • Audit of raw data, draft & final reports
  • Maintenance/updating of master schedule