DUNS Number - 67-716-4521  |  NCAGE CODE – 2444Y  |  FDA - FEI – 3014694901

JRF America, Pennsylvania, USA

JRF America (JRFA) is the highly specialised facility of JRF Global. It specialises in offering the Residues, Soil dissipation, and E-fate research in diversified environmental matrices.

JRFA is a specialised service provider dedicated to undertaking studies for residues and metabolism in plants, soil, animals and diversified environmental matrices. JRFA has a purpose built facility, that provides analytical and radiochemical services to the sponsors.


Our highly experienced and competent researchers have a strong background and extensive experience in the fields of metabolism, environmental fate, residue chemistry, field dissipation and worker exposure. JRFA conducts studies in accordance with US-EPA, GLP requirements. JRFA has a successful audit history with the US-EPA and has also performed several studies under OECD guidelines for Canadian, Japanese, and the European submissions.


JRFA collaborates with the task forces and various research groups to offer comprehensive services, in collaboration with few partners. JRFA can perform complex environmental and exposure studies in the US.

The laboratory is well equipped with highly sophisticated analytical instruments:

  • LC MS-MS (Sciex 6500, Q TRAP,  4000, Sciex 4000 Quadrupole, Ultima Micro-mass)
  • GC & GC/MS
  • HPLC with array of detectors
  • Liquid scintillation analyzer
  • HPLC-Flow scintillation analyzer
  • Biological Material Oxidizers
  • Sun Test equipment
  • Sample processing equipment
  • Purpose built 400 Sq. ft Environmental Lab dedicated for  Soil / sediment and Aquatic metabolism using radioactive (14C labeled) test material for environmental fate studies.
  • Residue sample processing lab, extraction and concentration facility
  • Several fume hoods connected to roof extractors
  • 400 Sq. ft Walk in Freezer at -20° C

JRF America

2650 Eisenhower, Suite C Audubon, PA - 19403,
Pennsylvania, USA.
Tel: +1 877 937 5732
Fax:+1 610 650 3869