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Residue Analysis & efficacy
Crop Residue Characterization & Analysis

Crop Residue Characterization & Analysis

Residue Analysis studies help quantify the levels of active agrochemical ingredients and any relevant metabolites in media such as farm produce, food & food products, soil, air and water.

JRF offers persistence studies in soil, water, plant, and other matrices. In addition, our team also carries out analysis of soil, water, and other matrices to detect contamination with chemicals, including heavy metals.


The services offered include:

  • Method Development and Validation in diversified matrices
  • Residues in Soil
  • Residues in Water
  • Residues in Plant Material
  • Terminal Residues in raw agricultural Commodities and processed products for MRL determination
  • Contamination Analysis of Food and Environmental Matrices
  • Heavy Metal Contamination Analysis
  • Water Quality Analysis

Services available at following locations: