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Environmental Fate

Environmental Fate

JRF in India and JRF America have extensive experience and expertise in the scientific disciplines of environmental fate and metabolism chemistry.

The study directors have international expertise and experience of the regulatory requirements. They have necessary insight for integrating laboratory and field efforts to generate an effective regulatory report. Proactive efforts for developing contingency plans and effective management of study intricacies ensure high study success and regulatory acceptance.


The research teams in the USA and India have extensive capabilities to manage the GLP operations to meet EPA, EU and OECD criteria. JRF Global has experience of managing generic and new molecules and the senior scientists are well versed in working directly with the regulatory scientists. The facilities are well equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation including several LC/MS/MS, LC/MS/MS coupled RAD detectors, GC/MS, GC/MS/MS and supported by HPLC with UV-Vis, PDA & Fluorescence detectors as analytical instrumentation. The range of instrumentation expands to accommodate tissue oxidizer, phosphorimager, liquid scintillation analyzers, total organic carbon analyzer, soil respiration system, radio tlc/gel plate scanner, photolysis apparatus, and fraction collectors.


Our facilities in India and the US are licensed for the use of radio-labeled materials. We have well trained RSOs and scientists withvast experience of working with radioactive substances in with various matrices ranging from biological fluid to plant and animal tissues.


The Environmental fate and Metabolism service portfolio includes,

  • Activated Sludge/Microbial Activity
  • Aerobic/Anaerobic Degradation
  • Soil, Plant and Animal Metabolism
  • Soil Adsorption and Desorption
  • Hydrolysis and Photolysis
  • Leaching
  • Carbon and Nitrogen Transformation
  • Confined Rotation
  • Ready and Inherent Biodegradability
  • Custom-designed study protocols to accommodate unique and specific exposure of the environment.

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