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Teratotoxicity in ZebraFish

Posted on 09-Jan-2016 by Mr. Mehul Pandya
Teratotoxicity in ZebraFish

Our team is excited about working with the zebra fish embryos for potential effects of the test chemicals.
While working with the other tests, I came across articles, which indicated the application of this model for teratotoxicity as well!

We note that the zebra fish organogenesis is perceptible within 3 to 5 days.  The models transparent embryos allow the observation of organ differentiation and development.

We used Caffeine, Valproic acid and Retinoic acid as test chemicals.  24 hour post fertilized zebra fish embryos.  The embryos were treated with scaled escalated dosages of caffeine valproic acid and retinoic acid, for evaluation of developmental abnormalities Embryo were  subjected to microscpic evaluations with the end point observations like coagulation, somite formation, detachment of the tail, arrhythmia, jaw formation, notochord or tail abnormalities, cardiac oedema, yolk sac oedema and blood circulation. Lowest Observed Effect Level (LOAEL) and LC50 for Valproic acid are150µM, 366.81µM. LOAEL and LC50 for Retinoic acid are 0.41µM and 0.87µM. Caffeine on the other hand didn’t show any effects. We believe Retinoic acid is more teratogenic than Valproic acid, while caffeine appears to be non teratogenic.

We will be happy to learn about your experiences!

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