DUNS Number - 67-716-4521  |  NCAGE CODE – 2444Y  |  FDA - FEI – 3014694901


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Chemical Characterization

Chemical Characterization

The GLP COA is characterization of test item provided by the Sponsor by the GLP test facility. After receipt of test item JRF will conduct a GLP study to characterize the test item under GLP.

The characterization will cover the identification of active ingredient by Mass, qualitative determination of purity and appearance of test item by visual examination.


A GLP Certificate of characterization will produced, which will be attached in all the final reports of GLP studies conducted at JRF.


The GLP COA consists of:

  • Identification based on Mass of test item and Appearance of test item by visual examination
  • Quantitative Analysis (Purity determination) using reference standard and Injection Sequence as provided below:
    1. Reference Standard
    2. Sample
    3. Reference Standard

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