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Mammalian Toxicity
Acute Toxicity

Acute Toxicity

Acute toxicology assesses the short-term effects of the test compound on biological functions

The toxicology expertise at JRF encompasses a wide range of preclinical studies with rodents and non-rodents.  The studies are spread over a spectrum of specialties, viz., Acute, Sub-chronic, Chronic, Developmental and Reproductive Toxicity, in vitro and in vivo Mutagenicity and Endocrine Disruptor Screening (Tier–1) using various routes of administration. These studies are performed in compliance with global regulatory guidelines, viz., EMA, EU, OECD, OPPTS, JMAFF, CIB, etc.



Acute Toxicity Studies

  • Oral
  • Dermal
  • Inhalation
  • Dermal irritation
  • Eye Irritation,
  • Skin Sensitization
    • M & K Method 
    • Buehler Method
  • Local Lymph Node Assay (LLNA)

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