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In vitro Dermal Absorption

In vitro Dermal Absorption

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An In vitro dermal absorption study offers a significant and valid alternative for evaluation of dermal absorption. The test provides a quick and practical alternative for screening large numbers of topical formulations, while supporting the noble cause of ‘three Rs’ viz, Refinement, Reduction, and Replacement in the animal experimentation.

JRF has undertaken painstaking efforts to develop the skills and expertise, which led to successful validation in compliance with the OECD principles of GLP for the In vitro Dermal Absorption study. We use the automated flow-through diffusion system at regulated temperature with both human and rat skin.


As per the EFSA Guidance on Dermal Absorption, OECD Guidelines Test No. 428 and No. 427, we conduct an integrated project which covers;


i) In vitro study with Rat skin,
ii) In vitro study with Human skin, or
iii) In vitro study with Human and Rat skin in a single report and for Triple pack approach
iv) In vivo study with Rat to develop a correlative risk analysis model between the In vivo and In vitro studies.


JRF is well equipped to design studies, which can be tailor-made to demonstrate the efficiency of a product in a specific layer of the skin and support the client in risk evaluation of agrochemical product/drug or cosmetic candidate.

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