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JRF is the leading Indian CRO offering Ecotoxicological studies with avian, aquatic and terrestrial test systems in accordance with various regulatory guidelines, viz. EEC, OECD, OPPTS and SETAC.

Ecotoxicological studies are performed to assess the impact of the contamination of compounds on various ecosystems. The aquatic testing includes acute and repeated dose toxicity to fresh water fish, acute immobilization and reproduction studies on Daphnia magna and effects on algal growth inhibition. Terrestrial studies include oral and contact toxicity to honey bees, and acute and reproduction toxicity to earthworms. JRF also possesses experience and expertise for undertaking acute oral, dietary and reproductive toxicity to birds.


Carbon and nitrogen transformation studies, which are often regarded by regulatory authorities as being ecotoxicological in nature, are carried out by our experts in the USA and India.


The ecotoxicological studies are supported by the in-house Chemistry Department for Method Development and Validation, Test Item Characterization, Homogeneity, Stability and Active Substance and/or Test Item content analysis in test media as per regulatory requirements.



  • Algal Growth Inhibition Test
  • Lemna sp. Growth Inhibition Test
  • Daphnia magna
    • 48 h. Acute Immobilization
    • Reproduction
  • Acute Fish Toxicity (Rainbow trout / Common carp / Zebra fish)



  • Japanese Quail
    • Acute Oral/Dietary
    • Reproduction
  • Honey Bee
    • Oral
    • Contact
    • Oral + Contact
  • Earthworm
    • Acute
    • Reproduction
    • Sub-Chronic
  • Non-target plants
    • Terrestrial Plant Test - Vegetative Vigour Test
    • Terrestrial Plant Test - Seedling Emergence and Seedling Growth Test


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